Have you been hit by Olympic Fever?


The extreme hype and excitement surrounding the 2012 Olympics has reached a crescendo following Team GB’s recent sensational performances. You can no longer log onto twitter without having to scroll through an infinite number of tweets before reaching one that doesn’t end with ‘#Olympics’.  It is a theme that many brands want to base whole marketing campaigns on and for those few who are officially affiliated with the games, this is possible.  As seen below with this Adidas advert featuring Tom Daley.

However, to those who are not official sponsors of the games it is strictly banned to associate any advertisements or promotions with the Olympics. LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) are being extremely strict on these rules by clamping down with warnings and giving hefty fines to all those who choose to ignore their guidelines. However as seen below some businesses have been creative enough to avoid the ‘Brand Army’ persecuting them. This is a perfect example of #workthatworks.

Off the back of this ‘The Drum’, a website for modern marketing and media has come up with a competition to help brands and agencies discover what will, and what will not be allowed by LOCOG. This directly resulted in hundreds of tongue in cheek pictures being created and sent in advertising famous brands based on the Olympics. The results are hilarious and here are some of my favorites:


Tom 🙂

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