As part of 438s continued 15 year celebrations, we are once again helping young creatives in the local area. This month, we have been delighted to be involved in a design competition with a local high school.

Wilmslow High tasked their students to design a new logo for their up and coming annual Performing Arts show, which due to CV-19 had to be streamed online. The brief was to incorporate the Performing Arts disciplines moving to an online platform and would be used to promote the performance via social media and included on the streamed video watched by students and parents. The winner, Struan in Year 7, really impressed our Creative Director, Mike Willig, as he had incorporated the ‘RETURN’ key on the keyboard, to signify that their Performing Arts Department were RETURN-ing to the stage.

We were delighted to be part of the judging team and making Struan’s design come to life in Studio. Josh Neild, our Senior Designer – who started his own career at 438 straight from high school, 15 years ago – commented on how Struan had done a fantastic job incorporating the school colours in a shape that worked really well as a logo device. When Josh recreated the logo, he kept all the elements of Struan’s hand illustrated design with only a few tweaks so it could be used as a real life marketing tool for the local school.

Lauren Campbell, Performing Arts Teacher at Wilmslow, commented on the initiative; ‘The Students have been so excited to get a chance to design the logo, it’s given them a great insight into creative thinking and the world of marketing. We want to thank 438 for all their help and support in the competition, it’s been really challenging moving our usual performance online but with the addition of the logo we know we’ve got a performance the students will be proud to be part of’.

Sophie Dickens, Senior Account Manager at 438, spoke of her involvement in the project. ‘I remember being asked to design a new logo for my Primary school in about 1995, the whole school was so excited and really stuck with me as such a memorable project – it’s probably the first time I gained an interest in design and marketing (although I didn’t realise at the time, that’s what we were doing). When WHS mentioned they were doing something similar, I knew 438 had to help out. It’s such a great opportunity for young adults to be given the responsibility to be part of their schools communications and brand’. Sophie, who joined 438 six months after the doors opened also reflected on the early days at 438. ‘Shortly after I joined, Josh, who created the logo for Wilmslow High also joined the team. I remember him coming to his interview with his GSCE Graphics Design Folder and sharing his own illustrations, just like Struan’s. 438 took him on as a Junior Designer and funded his college qualifications and training. Close to 15 years on, Josh is now all grown up and works on brands such as BMW, Isuzu, Subaru and PepsiCo as our Senior Designer. There was something really special about him taking  Struan’s logo and developing it for him, it was almost like his journey had come full circle. It’s great to see that 438 have always had a passion for nurturing young talent and hope we always play are part in the journey of the next generation of young designers in the area’.

Congratulations to Struan and ‘break-a-leg’ to all Students and staff involved in the online performance.