A good experience!


My time of work experience has come to an end and it’s certainly been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn the basics of what goes on in an agency whilst also getting an insight on challenging projects from brief to presentation with clients I’d previously applied to for work experience – I’d say it looks more fun agency side!

The projects here have been good fun, especially working on products that’ll inevitably take over in the future – electric cars and electric cigarettes. Although I’m not so sure about the possibility of a ‘pea shooter for people that can get you from LA to New York in 45 minutes’ – that was something Andy one of the directors came across, but it’s an interesting concept! (http://news.msn.com/science-technology/ny-to-la-in-45-minutes-teslas-elon-musk-has-a-plan)

It’s been a great agency to spend time with and I think the picture below of our Directors desk who’s currently on holiday sums up the environment pretty well!