Ensuring a good work life balance is a major focus of our internal culture here at 438

But working with global brands – where everyone’s working day is different – can be quite a challenge to balance. Well, here at 438 we like a challenge! And so with a growing team all committed to ensuring we produce the very best #workthatworks, in 2017 we introduced flexi time to offer our committed team the best chance at achieving that perfect work life balance. But two years on has the new policy been a success? Here are a few members of our team to tell us more…

Working Parents

A major advantage of our flexi time policy is the positive benefits it can have on the members of our team juggling family life alongside their busy working days. Senior Account Manager and mum-of-two Sophie Dickens has been a big supporter of the flexi time policy from the start. She said ‘Personally it really improved my ‘mum guilt’ because I felt all the extra hours I had to put in (which are unavoidable in this industry) were available for me to take back when I needed them most. My stress reduced dramatically, because just like working long hours is inevitable, so is running late for work because your child has decided to wash all her dolls in the un-flushed toilet while you hastily apply a bit of bronzer before work.’

Sophie also explained that the introduction of flexi formalised an existing culture of understanding for working parents already in place at 438. ‘438 was always an understanding company who would allow staff to leave early for appointments and family situations but making it an official scheme was seen as a real employee benefit… Having flexible working give you more control over your own work day. Challenges still arise, like when my children are sick or meetings are scheduled before nursery opens but when you work for a company that respects the importance of family life and trusts you to work around these challenges then in return you will always give back the best of yourself to that company.’

The Creatives

But flexitime isn’t just for those in the team who have young children. What about the creatives? An area of the agency where deadlines are tight and the work often flows thick and fast? Creative Director Mike Willig explained that although the new policy has been quite the change for the 438 creatives, flexitime has had a positive impact on the way the team work. ‘Flexi has been quite a step change, not just for our department but for an agency in our industry. In the past it was virtually accepted policy that people would work late. Flexi has brought us out of an unhealthy norm of working late night after night moving us to a better and healthier work/life balance.’

Flexi time allows the team here at 438 to participate in an exciting range of hobbies, here’s Mike paragliding!

The Verdict

So, it’s clear flexitime is a hit with our hard-working team here at 438 and with everyone committed to the cornerstones of flexi; good communication, fairness and being considerate, it’s an addition that is really benefitting us all. The ability to manage our busy workloads with the demands of life outside the agency doors has really helped cement the 438 commitment to supporting our wonderful team. Whether it’s a school sports day, an emergency trip to the vets with a dog or popping off early to beat the traffic, allowing our team the flexibility to achieve a great work life balance can only be a good thing! And in an industry where they said it couldn’t be done, we’re proud to be leading the pack on keeping our team happy and ready to produce the very best ‘work that works.’

Look out in the next couple of weeks for more news about how we make sure 438 is a great place to work!