Often seen as the less glamorous side of automotive retailer business, it has taken a global microchip shortage to drive home the fact that when it comes to driving dealership profitability, aftersales is certainly no afterthought!

It may not be as glamorous as the showroom floor, where the latest shiny models draw customers in like a magnet, but the Aftersales Department is and always has been a crucial part of any dealership’s overall business.

Once the deal is done and the customer has driven away in his or her new pride and joy, it is the Aftersales Department that plays a major role in not only maintaining the vehicle, but also in maintaining the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. Those regular customer touchpoints of servicing, vehicle health checks and more throughout the ownership cycle are all important elements in securing that next new car sale.

But that’s all during more normal times. And right now, things are far from normal. Having adapted business practice fairly successfully throughout lockdown, automotive retailers are now having to adapt to the latest knock-on effect of the pandemic – fewer available vehicles to sell due to the semiconductor industry being forced to partially shut down, resulting in a smaller supply of chips than usual.

With limited numbers of new vehicles being available, many customers are having to keep hold of their cars for longer. And with business through the showroom being slower than usual, dealerships need to turn to their After Sales department to generate much needed income and maintain profitability until new car supply – and sales – bounce back to normality.

Right now, aftersales has a real opportunity to be the star performer within the dealership by generating traffic and selling more service hours, meaning the service department can grow revenue, increase productivity and improve ROI at a time when showroom sales are slow.

Longer ownership cycles can be good news for dealerships. For a start, they provide additional servicing opportunities, or the chance to sell an extended warranty. But there are many more creative ways of connecting with owners and enticing them back to the workshop for additional work.

Here at 438, we live and breathe automotive dealer marketing. It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. We create marketing solutions that deliver results and drive business. We’ve been developing successful after sales marketing campaigns for a long time, so we know a thing or two about how to generate those valuable additional sales opportunities that can provide valuable revenue for your dealership.

The truth is, After Sales shouldn’t be who you turn to just when sales are slow. After Sales should always be a driving force in your business. So let 438 kick start your aftersales business today. Give us a call to find out how we can help you! Or email me at stuart.royle@438marketing.com