British and Proud


Prior to the Olympics I was aware that I would watch the competition as much I could but I wouldn’t say that I was particularly excited or looking forward to it. However, two weeks on I had no I would get this engrossed and completely obsessed with the games. Every free second I had, I was watching sports that quite frankly outside of the Olympics I find desperately boring. I thought that never in my lifetime I would be screaming in joy as Peter Wilson shot for gold in clay pigeon shooting or as Nick Skelton and Peter Charles jumped for glory in the equestrian. For me that’s what makes the Olympics so special. The whole nation and world gets behind and supports athletes they’ve never heard of participating in sports they’ve never seen. No other event in the world could do this and that is why the Olympics truly is #workthatworks.


I believe the reason that the Olympics this year was so special and so successful was due to the incredible work done by LOCOG, Lord Sebastian Coe, the volunteers, the spectators and everyone involved in the games. It was truly sensational how well the whole event was conducted. I can’t put my finger on anything they could have done any better. LOCOG stated before the games that their goal was to ‘deliver the best possible Olympic and Paralympic Games experience for everyone involved, ensuring a real legacy and inspiring people to join in and truly make these ‘everyone’s Games’.’ I think we can all say that they lived up to this statement. It was definitely an ‘inspiring’ two weeks. The sight of Jess Ennis crossing the line to win heptathlon gold or Jason Kenny winning the individual sprint certainly inspired me. And it was definitely ‘Everyone’s games’. Everyone in the country got involved and got behind Team GB. It made me proud and privileged to be British. Yesterday I tweeted, ‘So proud to be British right now! We’ve nailed it #Olympics #OlymicsClosingCeremony2012’. Two weeks ago if someone would have asked me where I was from I’d have said England but now I’m British. British and Proud!






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