Celebrating European Day of Languages with RWS

Happy European Day of Languages!

According to an EU survey, 54 percent of EU citizens speak another language, while 25 percent speak two. So, with September 26th the European Day of Languages, it seemed the perfect time to celebrate the work we’ve been doing with our client, RWS, to highlight their eLearning division.

While RWS is already highly regarded as a market leader in providing language services, their eLearning is less well known. Our challenge to boost awareness of its individualised approach to eLearning, translating an organisation’s materials for a local audience to feel like it was written specifically for each individual wherever they are in the world.

It can be challenging for businesses to ensure that their global training content hits the mark for every learner. What’s right for one learner in one location isn’t guaranteed to work for another somewhere else. Machine translation often falls short as it’s not just the content, but the delivery that needs to be different too.

Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to developing eLearning content, RWS eLearning’s individualised approach goes the extra mile to make content inclusive, culturally nuanced, and accurate for all learners, ensuring that it’s authentic, relevant, and boosts engagement. This shows RWS celebrate the diversity that comes with different cultures and languages, and really care about earning outcomes to end learners.

The film – which you can see below – was scripted, produced, and directed in-house at 438 to specifically highlight these strengths. It focuses on individuals’ personal learning experiences of content produced in partnership with RWS eLearning. With all learners learning differently, the different designs of chairs were a metaphor for these different learning styles. Global, cultural, and generational differences are highlighted in the video, to get across the fact that every learner, wherever they are in the globe, feels that the learning really speaks to them.

We think it communicates everything that makes RWS eLearning special.

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