Content is everything. Why? Let me tell you a story…

Content is the new black. Here, our content creator, Gail, explains why…

You already know your prospective and existing customers will be ‘checking out your feeds’ and making decisions about you, but today, they hold more control than ever before, blocking ads – or potential dates for that matter – with a swipe of their finger. 

This means you’ve got to work harder than ever to earn their time and attention. 

And while it’s not easy, it does pay off. 

Content causes an audience to recall a brand 59% more than traditional advertising. What’s more, consumers are 14% more likely to seek a business’s content in the future. 

So, where should you begin? 

  1. Forget selling and start connecting. Talk about your business, what it does, its motivation, and why people need it in their lives. Think about the qualities you want people to associate with you, such as quality, trustworthiness, and innovation.
  2. Use storytelling. Stories can create emotional connections that facts and statistics alone can’t. They evoke emotions such as empathy, joy, or inspiration which linger in consumers’ minds, fostering loyalty and building a relationship with you.
  3. Share your brand journey. Don’t be shy. Talk about the obstacles you overcome getting to where you are today. Being open about your struggles makes you come across as genuine, and honest. Create conversations around shared values, interests, or challenges and you’ll start to build a community.
  4. Be consistent. Start to sound different from one piece of content to the next and things will very quickly start to unravel…along with your customer base. Be consistent across all channels – whether that’s your website, blogs, or social.
  5. Speak directly to your potential customers’ interests and problems. Showing you understand and want to improve their lives can foster a connection that goes way beyond business transactions. 
  6. Share user-generated content. Sharing customer feedback, comments, pictures, etc. makes your audience feel appreciated and valued, strengthening their relationship with you.

The bottom line? Website, blog, and social content are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but a ‘need-to-have’. When done right, It’s a long-term investment in your business’s future, strengthening customer loyalty and ultimately increasing your revenue. 

But great content takes time. And you’re busy. We get that.

From thought leadership articles that can help establish you as a leader in your field, to high-impact videos that are both engaging and entertaining, whatever your content needs, we can help.

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