Do you really need a new website?

🛑 Don’t assume you need a new website, just because you’re not 100% happy with what you have now.

Although I run a company that makes websites and I really enjoy working on them, sometimes the best course of action is to stick with what you have…albeit with a bit of ‘zhuzz’.

🎶🎤 As Bob Dylan (probably) once sang: “It’s hard to know how to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at”…and I agree.

It’s very important you know what role your website plays in your business and also what stage you’re at today.

More often than not you will fall into one of these groups:

1️⃣ You needed a website live ASAP so you built it yourself but now you’ve run out of skill, time or patience.

2️⃣ You’ve got a proper website, possibly made by your mate Dave, but he’s gone full time at World of Leather now and you need help.

3️⃣ Your website’s solid but not perfect. It’s a few years old and gets decent traffic, but it’s time for it to raise its game.

4️⃣ Your business has changed and your website is still selling the old you, not the new one.

5️⃣ You’re sailing along nicely but a 5% uplift in traffic could help you smash your targets.

6️⃣ You’re about to (or would like to) raise capital or exit, and you need to look a million dollars.

Why does this matter? 🤔

As with most things in the world of web development, it’s all about balance.⚖️

🟢 What is the opportunity cost of not doing a complete rebuild?

🟢 What return on investment do you expect if you do go for a full revamp?

🟢 Could you get 80% of what you need with some new imagery, new messaging, a really focused blog post and a bit of a “push” on social media?

🟢 And is 80% enough?

You can figure this out on your own, but it’s never a bad idea to talk it over with someone like me who has absolutely no ulterior motive. ☺️