Do you really need external help to create and improve your website?

Here’s a question you don’t often see digital agencies ask….

Do we really need external help to create and improve websites?

With platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, making future-proofed websites that fulfil their functions is getting easier every year.

But not everyone has the desire, time or skill set for Website DIY.

Let’s imagine you’re a startup or SME, with no internal web design or developer expertise, and you need to overhaul your website.

How much can you achieve on your own, and how quickly? When is it best to bring someone in?

To make that call, consider these 5 factors:

🕙 Speed: How soon do you need to go live? An under-resourced or poorly planned project can drag on for months.

🧠 Complexity: Some websites are a few pages of images and copy. Some have e-commerce or subscriber functionality, or hundreds of pages that are critical for search engine performance. Some need photography, UAT, or additional layers of security.

👌 Quality: How critical is the user experience and presentation of your brand to your business model? The level of expertise involved in strategy, design, content, and execution will impact the outcome.

💰 Cost: What’s your budget, and what return do you need to see on that investment? Doing it yourself may mean not having to pay a freelancer or agency, but how much is your time worth?

Once you have your answers, you’ll know which of these paths suits you best:

👉 Do-It-Yourself – pick a theme, watch some YouTube videos and customise to your needs

✅ Lowest cost
❌ But could cost you in time and quality

👉 External (low fat) – pay a freelancer to design or build the bits you can’t

✅ Fast, affordable and good quality
❌ Time and risk in finding the right person, you may need to be hands-on

👉 External (full fat) – hire an agency to do it all

✅ Expert advice, fastest delivery, highest quality
❌ Highest cost

Obviously I’ve over-simplified the diverse world of DIYers, freelancers and agencies a little! The reality is that there’s no right or wrong, just a set of variables and a range of outcomes.

If you’re considering your options or you’re stuck in the middle of the project, I’d be happy to talk it through, as impartially as a digital agency director can!