If 2020 gave us anything, it was an onslaught of change. However, one thing that remained consistent is how automotive marketers use email marketing to engage with customers and prospects. Rather surprisingly though, automotive saw the lowest open and second lowest ‘click to open’ rates of any sector in 2020.

The automotive sector’s overall open rate in 2020 was just 12%*. ‘Click to open’ rates performed marginally better, but were still the second lowest of any sector at just 9.8%**. For a channel that can be both highly targeted and highly personalised, that’s a pretty disappointing return on investment.

At 438, however, that’s definitely not the case! We’re bucking the trend by raising the bar and delivering email campaigns for our automotive dealer clients that continually outperform industry averages.  438 Clients enjoy ‘open’ rates 3 times higher than the industry average, and ‘click to open’ rates that are at least double the current average.

Through insightful use of big data and creativity, we’re delivering the right message at precisely the right time to exactly the right person. And we’re getting the right response! Our campaigns consistently outperform industry averages and in most cases are more than double what the rest of the automotive industry is achieving.

With restrictions easing, now is the time to let 438 supercharge your email marketing and help you power out of lockdown. To find out how, give us a call for a quick chat. Or better still, drop me an email; stuart.royle@438marketing.com

*Campaign Monitor