Fancy a Rugbeer?


Interactive vending machines are in… First there was Coca-Cola’s Hug Machine, a vending machine that issued cans of coke in exchange for a hug.

Now, there’s Rugbeer, a new interactive vending machine from Oglivy Argentina for Cerveza Salta. Forget about the niceties of hugs and affection, this is definitely one for the guys (or at least the macho ones) as you have to rugby tackle the machine as hard as you can to get your beer. And it wastes no time in telling you if your best efforts weren’t good enough for a beer. I have to admit that, even though I would most definitely sustain a serious injury, I wish I could try it out! And, along with being a lot of fun, it’s #workthatworks. Rugbeer went on tour and bars sold 25% more Cerveza Salta, with a huge 332 tackles in one night.


A great example of experiential marketing… If a little painful.