How many times a day do you catch yourself using one of the “really bad” swearwords?

Four times? Maybe five?

That’s also how many people die on the road every day in the UK. And Februsweary has landed to help shine a light on this devastating statistic.

In honour of my dad who died in a crash 20 years ago, I’ve created Februsweary to raise money for RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims.

Here’s how it works:

🙏 Visit the Februsweary website (www.februsweary.com) to find out how you can get involved
🤝 Get your friends and office colleagues on board
🤬 Then each time you swear…
👇 …you put money in a jar
📱 Donate it at the end of Feb
👏 Feel good

If the air in your office regularly turns blue, put it to good use by requesting your FREE Limited Edition Februsweary Fundraising Pack. If they’ve all been snapped up, not to worry. The website explains other ways to get involved.

And just to state the bl**dy obvious, Februsweary starts next week.

Thank you to everyone who takes part, it really means a lot to me and you’re all f**king legends (*puts £2 in the jar*)