Five easy ways to keep your website in great shape

If you’re an SME that’s just got a new website or major revamp across the line, it’s time to take your foot off the gas. You’ve earned it. Come back in a few months and see how it’s doing! 🍵

I’m joking, of course.

A website is like a new house or car. It’s tempting to assume it can take care of itself, but to keep it running smoothly, it needs regular TLC. A quick whizz round with the vacuum. A glance under the hood. If you don’t, things will start to go wrong that could cost your business a few quid, or if you’re unlucky, a far higher price.

✅ Here’s a quick website maintenance checklist you can run every month:

Back it up

Before you make any changes or fiddle around with your content, save yourself a headache and manually back up your website. Most of the time it won’t be necessary, but one day it’ll save your bacon.

Update your software

Particularly for WordPress, if you haven’t got the latest software for WP, your theme or your plugins, your site will be vulnerable to security breaches that could be expensive to fix.

Update your content

If you went for a blog or news feed, keep the content fresh or it won’t reflect well on your business. Swopping out images and headlines on key pages is an easy way to keep momentum.

Test your forms

Even if you follow this list to a T, web functionality can sometimes just stop working. For peace of mind, check that your user journeys and contact methods are working as they should. No leads left behind!

Look at the numbers

If you don’t check your web analytics, how will you know if your shiny new site’s performing? Get friendly with some simple analytics such as sessions, demographics and popular pages.

That little lot is something almost anyone can do, and some can even be automated. But it’s also support we can offer to new clients that takes a load off their minds during the busy post-launch months.