Halloween campaigns that we love

It’s ghostly season! As Halloween creeps up on us again we’ve been looking back at our favourite and most memorable campaigns from over the years…

Poundland launch free invisibility cloaks

Poundland have stocked their shelves with free Harry Potter themed “invisibility cloaks” in time for Halloween. Apparently the cloaks are flying off the shelves… we’ll take their word for it!

#ScaryClownNight by Burger King

Hitting back at main competitior McDonalds, Burger King rewarded the first 500 clowns to visit the London flagship restaurant on Halloween with a free Whopper Sandwich.

Knights BMW & MINI Halloween Event by 438

In the run up to Halloween, we created teaser GIFs, email and POS around BMW and MINI’s car sale event that took place on Halloween.

Reese’s Candy Converter

Reese’s wanted to solve the problem of a pile of unwanted sweets left over after trick or treating. Their solution? To let children exchange their sweets in a vending machine for Reese’s. Brilliant!

Amaxofobia by Skoda 

Skoda and Proximity Barcelona teamed up to spread awareness around the fear and anxiety while driving: amaxophobia. With almost 30% of drivers in Spain admitting to having this disorder, Skoda have linked this to Halloween to raise awareness about the problem.

Haunted Debt by Santander

With 33% of millennials more scared of debit than death, Santander’s new Halloween campaign was around the scariness of ‘Haunting Debt’. Spooky..?