Hop Propaganda


The real ale market is overflowing with warm, cosy brands and flooded with cheesy wink-wink, nudge-nudge names. The packaging, predictably is also very safe and infused with well-worn imagery harking back to yesteryear like dimple glasses, ‘ye olde English’ type faces and horse brasses.

As a result, real ale sadly became associated with beardie, pot-bellied, fifty something men in sandals.

Then up popped BrewDog, a brand which from the off set out not to conform.

First and foremost they chose to brew beers that were different – beers that taste of beer (pitifully, too many ‘beers’ taste of nothing – just cold, wet and fizzy).

Then they made their brand look and feel different, out went all the cosy names, out went the safe imagery, out went the browns and beiges.

BrewDog been around for about 5 years now, and going from strength to strength.
However some people have suggested on the BrewDog Blog that perhaps it’s time for them to move on with their look and feel.


I’m not so sure.

The product and it’s marketing are still fresh, distinctive and disruptive – surely all qualities a company should aspire to for their brand. They’ve taken the business public, are opening their own bars in cities around the UK and are continually experimenting with and launching new beers and associated products.

Importantly they’ve attracted new types of drinkers – young men and women – perhaps coincidentally, for the first time in recent years lager consumption is falling and real ale sales are rising!

Take a look for yourself, check out their website and newsletters.


Read the copy on the back of the bottles (packaging with serious attitude) …

…and then better still, go drink the beer (responsibly of course)!

Mike Willig