How would you best say thanks?


So, ‘Thanks a million’ is quite a common saying right? I didn’t actually think anyone would ever take it quite so literally. How wrong I was.

Febreze reached a social media milestone back in May by achieving 1,000,000 facebook fans. Hurrah! Cordially, they thanked their fans by updating their status and announcing that they have a special celebration lined up…

It transpires that on Monday of this week, Febreze employees sat down to literally, (yes, you heard right), start spieling off thank you, gracias, danke and merci to their global fan base. All the time, this was being streamed live and featured interchanging staff, sometimes waving countries’ flags, to make it a true international event.

I suppose you’re probably wondering if they’re still going? No, they’re not. It took them a grand total of 1 day, 6 minutes and 48 seconds to utter their thanks.

In light of this, I wondered if anyone else had ever done something similar and it would appear that the Cadbury Dairy Milk UK Fan Page reached the same milestone back in January 2012. As a gesture of thanks, they created a thumbs up (presumably to resemble the facebook ‘like’ logo), by using thousands of bars of dairy milk. They broadcast the creation live to their facebook fan page and encouraged viewers to cheer on the creators. If viewers wanted, they could even have their own chunk added to the sculpture.

With the economy being ‘as it is’ at the moment, I often feel that ‘new customers’ get the better deal; so when a company simply says thanks for being loyal – even if it’s just a facebook like – I think it shows real integrity. This way of thinking (and thanking), is an exemplary sample of #workthatworks

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fans as of 21/6/12: 1,270,356 – hit 1 million on 7/1/12
Febreze Fans as of 21/6/12: 1,054,984 – hit 1 million on 18/5/12

‘Thanks’ for reading *budumpsche*

Ainsley 🙂