I didn’t get it. What a lemon!


When I was a young, eager and a naive creative clutching a brand new Cool Grey 4 Magic Marker in my sweaty mit I was flicking through an old D&AD annual thinking will I ever create anything that may one day grace the hallowed pages of this creative bible.
Then I stumbled across the VW Lemon ad. I looked at it turned the page, turned back and looked again, screwed my face up and looked again….I don’t get it…? I had muchos to learn.
The series of ads were created by NY ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach in the 1950’s by Julian Koenig and art director Helmut Krone, they created ads that would go against the grain and the rules of advertising that would set VW apart from the crowd. Doing something that nobody else was doing at the time. These ads set a benchmark of great advertising and the power of honesty in messages. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Read and weep Don Draper!!