Is Social Media Now the Most Powerful Channel in the World?


In his 2008 US Presidential Campaign, Barack Obama used Social Media in an unprecedented way. He continued this use through his first term as President and as a major part of his recent campaign, earning him a second term. He embraced the changes in communication and by doing so, politicians were forced to accept that in order to stay relevant to voters, they need to be accessible. And accessibility comes from Social Media.

Today President Barack Obama is accessible to 22,684,945 followers (currently) and is the fifth most followed twitter user in the world (He’s preceded by Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry and Rhianna in case you were wondering) – A phenomenal outreach for anyone, let alone a politician! Many people believe that this accessibility and outreach is what has given Barack Obama the edge in both the 2008 election, and this week’s. Voters kept up to date with his campaign as part of their daily online social  routine, without watching the news or picking up a paper. But more importantly, they could/can engage with him on a seemingly personal and human level. Whilst I don’t think that Social Media alone earnt Barack Obama his Presidency, it is undeniably a factor (this year Obama and Romney collectively spent 251% more on online campaigning) and, as a creative agency, it is a great example to use as a way of helping clients to understand the importance of Social Media in any industry or discipline.

After his electoral victory last night, President Obama tweeted this tweet which, within hours, was made the most popular tweet ever with over 600,000 retweets (currently).

So embrace Social Media. Use it wisely. Barack Obama did and he got a job as the most powerful man in the world.

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