Is your website distinctive, or does it just look like everyone else’s?

Whether you’ve just started your business or have been around a while, you’ll know it can be really tricky to cut through the noise and make an instant impression with your marketing.

Your website is usually a good place to start, and a distinctive and consistent visual identity, voice and message can help you build a connection with your audience.

Fail to do this and your risk just blending in. And if you’re not memorable, it will be a lot harder for people to find their way back to you and that could end up harming your bottom line.

A well thought out brand identity, deployed consistently across your website and other marketing assets makes it easier for your customers to trust you and therefore more likely to transact with you.

If they’ve taken your stunning looking business card, but then fire up your website later only to find something that bears no semblance to the first impression they have of you, some of that “fire” will be put out.

Sure, your logo is important. But the rest of your site – the colour palette, the fonts, the content – needs to do some of the heavy lifting too.

Without the logo, does a website still communicate your brand? That’s what I call the Logo Test.

Take a look at your own website without the logo (a Post It note stuck on the screen will do) and see what happens next.

Does it still reinforce your brand and your values? Is it distinctive, or could it belong to anyone?

We’ve helped countless new and growing businesses pass the Logo Test with flying colours. Drop me a DM if you think you may have failed yours and I’ll show you how we do it!