Isuzu UK are the Pick-up professionals; experts in hardworking vehicles
designed to last. 438 are the brand communications professionals – in 2014 we
teamed up to deliver a refreshing new campaign for the brand.


Build a sense of empathy and to reinforce Isuzu’s positioning as the pick-up professionals. How did 438 do this? Though a fully integrated honest and authentic campaign that would work via all platforms, following a series of scamps that really connect with the target audience.

This straight talking campaign is very different to the usual competitor advertising; bold confident headlines and photography and testimonials from real customers emphasised Isuzu’s desire to connect with their audience and demonstrate the Isuzu D-Max as the professionals choice.

Target Audience

Isuzu’s core customer base is farmers, tradespeople and all round hard-working, serious professionals. Unlike its competitors Isuzu UK only make pick-ups, making this brand already a sure favourite versus other brands giving them a reputation for being tough, proper pick-ups.

Isuzu 438 Marketing agency automotive

The hard hitting campaign

This campaign contributed to an impressive 15% year on year increase of the Isuzu D-Max. These results were in part thanks to hitting campaign ‘Do you Speak Isuzu?’ which included a range of impactful integrated marketing tactics comprising of press, events, online, radio, point of sale, social media and internal communications.

What has 438 helped Isuzu achieve?

The company saw its request for
brochures increase by nearly 50%
during the first year of this campaign.

2015 was the most successful year
in Isuzu UK history, seeing more
than 6,200 pick-ups sold
in a 12 month period

Online, 745,000 visits were
made to the national website.

An increase of more than 36%
for online test drive requests.

Sales of the Isuzu D-Max have
increased by 15% year on year.

“The Speak Isuzu campaign has provided distinct stand-out for Isuzu versus the competition. It reflects everything we stand for as a brand and allows for unprecedented levels of consistency and integration across all our communications.”

Lois GreenidgeIsuzu Marketing Manager