It’s time for a major overhaul of your website. What are your top 3 priorities?

It’s time for a major overhaul of your website. What are your top 3 priorities?

(Chances are, there’s something crucial missing from your list)

👌 Design you’ll be proud of for years to come?
👉 How about truly persuasive messaging?
🤝 Or content that converts better?

Most of our clients want something stunning. Something that stands out. And something that delivers results. I would too.

But who ever asks for something…. Secure?

Cybercrime is exploding and with the highest number of victims per capita in the world, the UK appears to be ground zero. This year, the average business is more likely than not to be targeted by a data hack, SQL attack, phishing or ransomware.

Websites are easy targets, especially when they aren’t built with security in mind. Or when software is seldom updated. Or they’re rarely backed up. Or managed by staff who work remotely.

At best, a security breach might waste your time. At worst, it could destroy your brand, your bank balance or even your business.

As a self-confessed website project nut, the almost daily news reports of data breaches and ransomware are a constant reminder that security should be embedded in every stage of a website project, from strategy and project brief to platform choice, data storage, testing, launch and maintenance.

For the team at 438 Digital, that means looking at areas such as:

🔒 Spam
🔒 Hosting
🔒 Backups
🔒 Data storage
🔒 Secure backend
🔒 Passwords/permissions
🔒 And many other factors too

It’s easy for clients and agencies to get swept up in the excitement of designing and building. But security is no longer a box you tick. It’s fundamental at every stage.

If you’re considering a website project and need advice on how to plan for the worst, drop me a line.