From the 24th until the 28th of June 2019, I was given the opportunity to commute, daily, to the 438 Office in London from Hertfordshire for my Year 10 work experience.

Throughout the week I was working closely with the Creative Directors, Ian and Dan. They were very helpful and were always able to offer assistance with the tasks I was assigned.

I found the office to be a very relaxed but productive working environment. There were no strict schedules involved, just a list of tasks they had asked me to complete during the five days. This meant that I was able to manage my own time and face new, enjoyably challenging tasks at my own pace with the constant guidance from the guys in the office.

During my time at 438, I learned a lot about the importance of and how to effectively conduct in-depth competitor analysis. After learning that one of 438’s current aims is to target recruitment companies to offer their marketing services to, I compiled a detailed report on other marketing agencies that target recruitment-based businesses. This allows 438 to successfully compete with other businesses operating in the same market as them.

Additionally, I learned about how to successfully brand, market and advertise the growing businesses that 438 work with. I worked on developing new slogans, logos and branding to fit new campaign proposals.

It would be impossible to write about the week I had in London without mentioning arguably the greatest part of my experience. Food. I loved having the freedom to explore the busy, bustling Moorgate at one o’clock every day for lunch. The surrounding streets lined with street cuisine as far as the eye could see. There truly was some of the greatest food I had ever come across right at my fingertips.

But in all seriousness, my five short days with the 438 team have taught me so much not only about the world of business and more specifically the ins and outs of marketing but were also able to give me simple skills and experiences that I will use in later life like commuting to work, working a full ‘9 to 5 day’, working in an office environment and how to cooperate with other people to improve what I am working on.

I will not be forgetting these five days anytime soon so thank you to everyone who made them as awesome as they were, to WeWork London for providing the super-cool relaxed workspace (and some very tasty flapjack), to Foam & Bubbles with whom I shared a desk, for giving me a great insight to the world of luxury bathrooms and of course to the guys at 438 London; Dan, Ian and Andy for allowing me to come and gain this fantastic experience.

– James Loughrey, 15