Making work culture matter

At 438 we’re all about Making Change Matter but making 438 a great place to work is all-important, too. Why? Not only because we want to get up and look forward to turning on our laptops every (ok most) morning(s), but with all the conversation around the Great Resignation and quiet quitting, building a positive company culture should be a top priority for any agency. Especially as a 2021 LinkedIn survey found that 40 percent of job seekers cited colleagues and culture as most important when looking for a new position.

The impact of having a positive workplace culture fostering collaboration, prioritising work-life balance, and valuing employees’ mental health and well-being, is far-reaching. It can improve everything from employee satisfaction, boosting productivity, and engagement, to client relationships to brand reputation.

So how do we practice what we preach? As a relative newcomer to the agency, I’d say we not only recognise but celebrate that everyone brings something different to the table and encourage everyone to be themselves and play to their strengths. The phrase ‘people make places’ might be a bit twee but it’s definitely true for 438. We’ve built a welcoming community with a flat foundation so that there are no egos, and everyone feels valued and respected as a vital part of our vision regardless of their position; after all, a great idea can come from anywhere.

As far as well-being goes, we’ve nailed that, too. We offer the flexibility for employees to manage both their work and home commitments. We hold regular Wellness Walks in beautiful Tatton Park, which we’re lucky to have right on our doorstep, before work. We have team lunches from the local chippy or sarnie shop where we all crowd into the boardroom and eat together. 

And last Friday we held our annual regatta at Northwich Rowing Club. More about enjoying the experience and teamwork than winning (although tell that to guys’ team!) it was a great day out in the late summer sun.

But it’s not all grand gestures. As those of us who are taking part in our internal Mindful Money Challenge would agree, it’s the little things that matter most. A choice of cereal waiting for you when you’re running late in the morning, a Penguin with your cup of tea, runner beans from someone’s allotment…all these small gestures really add up. And that’s before we even get on to the fact that our furry friends are not just tolerated in the office, but positively welcomed.

In short, it’s a really great place to work. And coming from a (previously) dyed-in-the-wool freelancer who’s had to endure listening to Jazz FM in the office for the last five months (only joking, Jonny!), I’d say that’s a pretty big compliment.