Manchester certainly took centre stage last weekend, what’s happening this weekend?


Mani of the Stone Roses was once quoted for saying ‘we will reform when City win the league’, perhaps a tad psychic it would appear. When the Roses announced their return to play in Manchester’s Heaton Park, I think everyone knew it would be a pretty spectacular occasion. Our Directors Andy and Paul were in Manchester for a meeting on Friday and they could only describe the atmosphere as electric.

Surely anything set to follow the Stone Roses homecoming weekend, is going to be a bit of an anti-climax?

Well, an event cropped up on my Facebook news feed yesterday and I’ve got to say, it may well be something very special. Night and Day café of Oldham Street Manchester, are hosting an event called ‘£1 Art Show’ on Sunday 8th July. The idea really is quite simple- they’ve pulled together local artists, illustrators and designers to display some of their work and sell pieces for the handsome price of one whole British pound. Entry is £1 – food and drink will be sold for more than £1, but still at very reasonable prices we are assured.

Sometimes we long for a hit of inspiration and having seen some of the talent on display, I’m really looking forward to what the ‘£1 Art Show’ has to offer and wish all involved Good Luck! #workthatworks

Ainsley 🙂