For Uncle Mike

So long old friend, you’ve done very well.

It is with the deepest sadness that we mourn the passing of Mike Willig, our beloved friend, colleague and Creative Director.

Surrounded by his family at home, Mike passed away peacefully on Tuesday 7th December 2021, just ten weeks after a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Anne, his loving wife of 40 years; and Emily, Tom and his beloved grandson Jasper.

A colleague to many for decades beforehand, Mike joined the Board of 438 in 2012 and his legacy will live forever in the generations of talent he touched so profoundly.

So much more than a mentor and an inspirational creative leader, Mike has been instrumental in building an open culture of togetherness, kindness and cheeriness with an unwavering passion for delivering exceptional work.

While words cannot express how deeply he will be missed by every one of his colleagues, clients and partners, there is a short phrase which begins to epitomise the affection with which he was known in-and-around around the Agency; ‘Uncle Mike’.

With all our love and eternal gratitude, we say ‘so long Uncle Mike, you’ve done very well’.