More Than Human…


Tis the season for manic Christmas Shopping (on the internet if you’re a too-many-people-phobe like I am) and surprisingly my parents have requested a gift that is actually AMAZING and isn’t Gin.

More Than Human is an incredible book by photographer Tim Flach who captures images of wild animals…by bringing them into his studio.

Bringing the viewer into close-up proximity with their animal subjects, painstakingly lit, carefully cropped for maximum graphic impact and animated by telling gestures, these photographs place us in an intimate relationship with their protagonists. They are far removed from wildlife photography’s documentary images of animals observed in their natural habitat. In fact, the treatment accorded to these particular creatures is not dissimilar from the close encounters with individuals that are the stuff of human portraiture.

Tim Flach Tiger

Tim Flach Elephant

Tim Flach Peacock

Tim Flach Hand

Tim Flach Monkeys

Tim Flach Gorilla

This is a brilliant concept, phenomenally executed.

Work|That Works

Well done Tim Flach, you are my new hero.

Check out his work here,