Our inspirational Olympic Torch bearers – True Brand ambassadors for the UK



The Olympic Torch has just passed through Knutsford..our office location (just outside Manchester).  The 6 individuals chosen to carry the Torch are truly inspirational and fully deserving of this once in a lifetime honour and we are proud to be part of their experience.

We usually discuss Advertising and the way if used cleverly it can create fantastic awareness and results for a particular Brand or Service.  We consider their identity and what they truly represent.

Today we got to thinking about what we consider to be the most successful Advertising we have ever experienced.

We cannot think of anything stronger than the Olympic Torch bearers.

We could all be considered to be representing a Brand – The UK – and for the majority of us we are all doing a really good job in our own way.  There are some who go the extra mile; overcoming adversity, supporting and raising money to help others, providing additional help to help support communities and a whole host of other fantastic things which usually go unnoticed.  It is this grit and determination that truly reflects the UK and the people within it.

We would like to thank and congratulate all the Torch Bearers throughout the country who are true Ambassadors for our brand.  Too much time is spent portraying the country and its people in a negative light, we hope  this activity and the achievements made by these individuals really do make the UK the strongest and most successful Brands in the world.


Signing off for now