The countdown to the new 21 plate has started. Are you ready?

So, here we are at the start of a new year; a year that we were all looking forward to with immense anticipation and a sense that 2021 would offer us all that ‘new beginning’ we were looking for and we’d all be putting the frustrations of 2020 behind us.

Well, how has that worked out for you so far?

Just a few days in and we were all locked down again; to the extent that the way we adjusted and were able to conduct business last year has, for the time being anyway, become our ‘business as usual.’

The good news is, we’ve all been here before, so there should be plenty of lessons learned to fall back on. But there are still many out there who will put business planning on hold until Boris gives us an indication of when we can expect to reopen our showrooms and start ramping up business again. Don’t let that be you!

Within the automotive calendar, there are certain events that come around at the same time every year. You know what they are and when they’re coming and they’ll happen regardless of whether you’re ready or not, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can plan for these events once the current situation improves. By then it will be too late; you’ll be forced into rushing into things and you’ll end up running with a campaign that’s half-cocked!

So here’s a gentle reminder. March 1st is just around the corner and the countdown to the introduction of the new 21 plate has already begun. Are you ready? Have you started to plan that all-important campaign that will bring new car buyers flocking to your showroom door or clicking to collect?

The prestige of owning the latest plate may be in decline, but there’s still demand out there. And there’s only one thing beats that new car feeling; when the new car in question comes with the latest plate. Don’t miss out on all that pent up anticipation amongst buyers by leaving your plans too late. Better still, make sure you add some ‘umph’ to your 21 plate sales efforts by letting us create a bespoke campaign for you!

Here at 438, we live and breathe automotive dealer marketing. It’s in our DNA. We’re in the business of delivering automotive marketing solutions that actually drive business and deliver results.

We’ve been running successful dealer marketing campaigns for longer than we’d care to remember! See for yourself; take a look at some of our previous years’ new registration campaigns.

Marshall 18 Plate

Marshall 68 Plate

Marshall 69 Plate

Marshall 70 Plate

Marshall 20 Plate

Marshall 20 Plate

Williams 69 Plate

Remember, the clock is ticking and there are potential buyers out there already gearing up to acquiring their brand new 21 plate vehicle. Talk to us today and let us help you convert those buyers into your customers by delivering a highly creative and effective campaign that will engage with them and deliver results!

You may be locked down, but there’s still business to be done and sales to be made! So test drive 438 today!

If you’re looking for the spark that will ignite your 21 Plate sales drive, look no further! Contact today.