Sony Stuck in my Head


I was flicking through the adverts on TV last night when I came across the new Sony Xperia ad.

Most gadget adverts on TV these days show you all the new different functions they have created, or how it fits perfectly into your life, and how you will need nothing else if you get that particular product. They try and shout over each other boasting added technology…… except Sony

The ad starts off with a group of people watching the launch of a rocket on a Sony TV in a shop window, a man jumps up to see over the crowd and a young boy pokes his head through a gap. It then flicks to 2 girls rollerblading down the coast listening to Sony Mp3 players, a man with a Sony Camcorder then a group of boys playing on the Sony Playstation One, and then finally cuts to a clip of the most recent add where the couple are covered in paint.

This use of nostalgia advertising was a brilliant idea by Sony, I think it makes them look like a trustable brand, one that we have grown up with and have been there at the most memorable occasions such as the launch to space. At that time you wouldn’t have even thought about what brand of TV you were watching but as it pulls both past and present products together into one advert it really makes you realise just how much of the Sony brand we have had throughout our lives and how perfect it is for any situation.

It’s a great ad and I love it….. it definitely works. Well done Sony!