Subaru 438 marketing safety

Subaru is one of the fastest growing car brands in the UK; focused on
building a range of safe, capable and reliable cars.

Working closely with Subaru’s national brand agency, 438 deliver
and service their 85+ dealer national network, creating on-brand,
on budget marketing communications that deliver results in a tactical working environment.


  • Deliver an agile and cost-effective marketing solution for Subaru dealers; a ‘One- stop-shop’, where they can access everything from brand assets such as logos and photography to personalised Direct Mail, POS and advertising
  • Provide day-to-day support to the dealer network to assist with marketing materials, queries and production


  • A dedicated 438 marketing team working as an extension to the Subaru Marketing team to add expertise and increased resource
  • Fast turnaround of on-brand dealer marketing templates with quarterly tactical offers, taking the lead from the national brand campaign

These templates and the dedicated service are coupled with an online web2print and asset portal – the ‘Subaru Marketing Store’ (SMS) that houses a full suite of marketing materials.

Through a live feed from Subaru’s database, the portal automatically populates a range of items with the dealer’s contact information. This means the dealer network has access to a range of professionally produced brand materials with call to actions that are relevant to their business.

How does it work? 

Working closely with the Subaru Brand Manager and Dealer Marketing Manager we take national brand marketing campaigns and make them work at a dealer level. Our vast experience in automotive marketing means we know the demands of a dealer are very different and often the brand materials need to be adapted substantially to work on a tactical level.

We also understand the importance of financial compliance so we work alongside Subaru’s financial providers (Lex and Blackhorse) to get compliance approval, so we can push the materials to creatively work as hard as possible without breaking any rules.


Original Brand Ad

Dealer Brand Ad

Dealer Tactical Ad

A working example: ‘Better Where it Matters’

In 2018, Subaru launched a new brand campaign to coincide with the launch of the XV model. The national items were evolved for dealer use by 438 to develop a suite of effective and emotive dealer adverts, social media content and email marketing. The objective of these items was to connect with the target audience and substantiate the ‘Better Where it Matters’ campaign message for dealer purposes.

The applause

112% increase in asset and template
downloads from the Subaru
Marketing Store year on year

25% reduction in workload
for Dealer Marketing Manager
allowing them to focus more
on strategic development

Same day turn around –
for all urgent press ads

Daily communication with users
on the store via email updates
generally see’s a 200% increase
in visits that same day

41% increase of visits to Subaru
Marketing Store year on year

New Subaru XV sold out
within the first few months
and demand retained high

"It’s great to see Subaru have such a strong brand identity, and a team in place to help us adhere to brand guidelines. I can only be thankful for the experience of creating assets with 438’s support, adhering to these brand guidelines is a positive experience for me and will see me well further down the line."

John PaulMarketing at Western Cars Subaru