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The automotive landscape is fast evolving. In fact, the future of driving is already here. But in a world where drivers are being forced to accept change and go green, are dealerships doing all they can to help buyers make the leap to electric before the 2030 deadline, when sales of brand new ICE vehicles will stop in the UK?

Sales of traditional petrol and diesel powered cars are on the decline, and every month the numbers of alternative fuel vehicles being sold is increasing. In September, sales of BEV, PHEV and HEV sales accounted for 33% of all new vehicles sold in the UK. That’s 71,566 vehicles! At the same time, sales of petrol cars were down by almost 47% year on year, and sales of diesel cars were down by a massive 77% year on year!

So electric is certainly leading the charge, but for every EV buyer, there are thousands more potential buyers out there – buyers who class themselves as EV intenders – who have many doubts, concerns and questions over a whole host of issues concerning the switch to electric. Doubts that are holding them back; not just about which EV to buy, but how it will change their lifestyle and driving habits, let alone what it can do for the planet.

Here at 438, our insightful and indepth understanding of the many factors affecting the EV market and the road to EV ownership means we can develop a successful EV sales strategy for your dealership. Insights that will help you successfully navigate key buyer concerns across a range of issues such as environmental issues, cost of entry, charging, range anxiety, journey planning, maintenance and tech to name just a few.

For many intenders, EV ownership is the great unknown. They view it with suspicion and doubt. But we can help you break down the barriers to EV ownership and add that extra spark to your EV sales and marketing efforts.

We’re 438, and we live and breathe dealer marketing. It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. We’ve already helped improve some of our dealership clients’ EV sales and marketing strategies and we can do the same for you.

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