Hi, my name’s Emily – I’m a Durham English Literature student going into my final year with a view to work in an area of marketing upon graduation. Over the past 2 weeks, I have had the pleasure of working alongside the 438 team in London as a marketing intern. My experience has been extremely worthwhile in a number of ways.

My short time here has given me a valuable insight into how a marketing agency operates. I have seen how the team deal with a diverse range of clients on a daily basis, and how they juggle between jobs; there is certainly never a shortage of tasks to be done.

I have been able to speak to clients first-hand, in the form of Meglio and Ebenable.

I met two members of the Meglio team, attended a meeting with them regarding the appearance of their website, and even joined them for lunch at the wonderful Whitecross Street Market.

I’ve also worked with Ben and Aidan from Ebenable to develop the content for their brand-new website. I spoke to the guys on several occasions and was able to understand their brand and their message enough to have some part in the moulding of the content that will be online very soon. I enjoyed working with them and watching their vision come into fruition.

Inspired by another client (The Defence Works) and their standout LinkedIn posts, I wrote a very tongue-in-cheek blog on ‘How to Make Your Website Less Sh*t’ which will be published soon. I found it challenging to write in such a tone (Durham don’t exactly encourage anything but perfect English and grammar), but really enjoyed moulding my style to suit the brief.

Among these main activities, I also juggled many smaller tasks. These included research into graphic designers as well as video editors for work with 438, reviewing client websites, administration work for The Magic Circle, and more.

Another valuable experience I’ve gained through my time here has been commuting in London 5 days a week during peak times. As I’m originally from York and go to Uni in Durham, this was my first time living in a big city, let alone in London. I feel as though I’ve mastered the tube, following a total suspension of the Northern Line on my 3rd day, and have had a lot of fun exploring the Moorgate area and beyond. It’s definitely somewhere I’ll be moving to in the future.

It goes without saying that the Fore Street WeWork is a cool place to have an office, but it is the people I’ve met and worked with that made it so enjoyable. I can’t thank Andy, Ian, and Dan enough for their lovely and welcoming nature – they certainly made me feel at home (even if they don’t like the Oxford comma).

I am sad that my time here is over – I got rather used to having access to free coffee and beer – although I’m looking forward to returning to Durham soon for my final year (yikes).

I wish Andy, Ian, Dan, and the rest of the 438 team in Knutsford all the best and will not forget my experience here.

Hope to see you all soon!