The Brand Jungle


After returning from a year studying in Hong Kong and starting a stint of work experience here at 438 Marketing, it seems suitable to write about the most famous points of Hong Kong which is density, and more appropriately, brand density.

Even though it appears as a brand overload, Hong Kong is an area where they can get away with it. The above photo is from Mong Kok, the most densely populated place in the world with 130,000 people per sq km. These people have an incredibly high level of brand loyalty which is a well known Asian characteristic. This varies from luxury goods to cartoon characters and is demonstrated from the people camping outside Apple shops, queuing for the top designer shops or the more unique fully Hello Kitty branded cars. And then there’s Angry Birds, that’s on a whole new level out there!

Whether it’s the residents’ desire to own western brands or their aspiration to own the most luxurious, high-end products available, certain brands are able to cut through the competition and maintain demand.

You’d expect this to produce confusion from too many brands but in Hong Kong for the locals at least, it’s work that works!