The pinnacle of competitive marketing


The previous billboard post reminded me of this great duel between BMW and Audi, so for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s what happened.

The rivalry between these 2 German brands has intensified since Audi’s rise to prominence and in the past they’ve been involved in advertising battles, however, it has never been conducted in such close quarters as this.

This game of chess started with Audi’s provocative billboard for their A4 accompanied by ‘Your move, BMW.’

It was then BMW’s turn to aptly reply with an image of their M3 and ‘Checkmate.’

Audi assumed they could win the game of chess with a billboard featuring their R8 and ‘Your pawn is no match to our king.’

BMW’s reply was the true winner with the launch of a flying blimp showing off their F1 car accompanied by the winning line ‘Game over.’





Both brands provoked, encouraged and competed in a comical but effective way that was sure to attract the interest of many.

Marketing is always competitive but it rarely reaches these heights!