There’s plenty of reasons to be patriotic at the moment; who do you think has embodied national pride & created the best #workthatworks ?


There’s been an array of wonderful examples, one being the Ma’mite campaign Andy blogged about the other day. Kellogg have also tipped their hat to her Royal Highness by winding back the clocks 60 years and branding all of their boxes as they were; a nice touch. But before I get carried away with the Jubilee, (skirting around the Eurovision, which was bleak and the Euros, which will be another overwhelming disappointment), there’s the small matter of the LONDON 2012 Games this summer too. This is where the advertising campaigns take off.

On that note, with an estranged friend on the other side of the pond, my personal favourite has to be the British Airways campaign aptly named ‘Flying Britain Home’. According to Marketing Week, the idea behind this is to give our athletes a home advantage by increasing the number of Brits in attendance by giving away flights and tickets for the games.

The lowdown: British Airways plan to give away 240 flights with an Olympic ticket from 20 far off destinations. The campaign will be launched on 1st June and will be supported by banner ads, print advertising and social media. It will run until 14th June and the only prerequisite is that you have to be friends with your nominee on Facebook.

A thoughtful and engaging campaign that represents the unmistakable spirit of our fair land, almost as well as a cup of tea.

I’ll leave you with BA’s wonderful TV ad for the Games too- my favourite TV ad around at the moment.