Among our team of talented designers and fantastic account handlers (we’re biased, of course) we’ve uncovered secret skills and unknown facts that have blown our minds:

  1. Sophie was a cheerleader for Manchester City
  2. Andy Brennan is a Magician
  3. Andy Whitmore is an adept bongo player
  4. Andy Fryer is a talented impressionist
  5. Steph is part of the global 1% with red hair and blue eyes
  6. Helenka can plank for 3 whole minutes
  7. When The Young Ones go over a cliff in a double decker bus in their last show. The ad on the bus side is one of Paul Lancaster’s
  8. Paul keen starred alongside a monkey in a Pritt Stick advert
  9. Naomi was in a cheerleading squad called the Blue bells and memorised pretty much all of the routines from the Bring It On films as a result
  10. Helenka is multi-talented and can make literally anything (maybe not while planking)