At 438 we have loads of marketing jargon/ phrases that we just love to hate and can’t help them tripping off the tongue, peppering our emails or making us visibly cringe when we hear them. We try to avoid it; moving forward we’ll make a note to action this…

  1. Reaching out
    “I’ll reach out to your team later today”
    We’re not sure why we don’t just want to get in touch really – that would be much simpler and less strenuous.
  2. Touching base
    “Let’s touch base on Monday”
    Touching? Bases? We’re not playing an elaborate game of Rounders, we just want to have a simple conversation or meeting.
  3. Moving forward
    “I’ll make sure we do this moving forward”
    Moving? The only thing moving is the passage of time…what we really mean is “in future”
  4. Action
    “We’ll action that today”
    We’re not sure why we make it sound so melodramatic. We’ll always do what we say we’ll do – no drama.
  5. Box off
    “Let’s box that off before lunch”
    A true 438 favourite – we do love our boxes; we’re finishers and like to finish one job before starting another.
  6. Deep dive
    “Let’s take a deep dive into this sector”
    Sadly, there’s no pool at 438 HQ, but we do revel in having a thorough understanding of our clients’ sectors and product categories.
  7. Call to action
    We’re recruiting customers, not an army and it’s always good that they know what we’d like them to do when they see our campaigns.
  8. Low hanging fruit
    “Let’s see if there’s any low hanging fruit”
    No orchards or vineyards required. We can just see what’s easily achieved instead.
  9. Overarching idea AKA Big idea
    “We need an overarching idea for this campaign”
    If it’s an idea you need, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts in great ideas and Work that works across all channels.
  10. Can you just?
    “I know you’re already stacked [#11] (so I’m going to make my job sound like a small task) but can you just, possibly, fit one more thing into your already really busy day”
    Say no more.