As the adage goes “Everything happens for a reason”, so here are reasons about why we decided to join Ad-Land:

  1. There is something truly gratifying when someone asks what you do and you answer; ‘I help make TV ads, packaging, websites, press ads, radio commercials right down to tiny little stickers on pack’. Nobody ever replies with ‘Well that sounds pretty boring’…because it isn’t.
  2. When I first started my art college course I thought I was going to be a book illustrator, turns out I was misinformed.
  3. Because design is more than making things look pretty.
  4. I didn’t know I wanted to, until I tried it and then I couldn’t think of anything else. I love the start to finish approach, how you propose something and bring it to life. So fun, so varied, so satisfying.
  5. At a student Business Studies conference in London. There were presentations from Finance, Human Resources…and then a car advert played…a woman from took the stage and said “I work in Advertising – I do that” Decision made.
  6. So that I could do creative things every day instead of just at the weekend
  7. So I could continue my love affair of polo shirts and never need to go tie shopping
  8. I got in to advertising following a week’s work experience whilst at college, I was invited back as a paid summer job and I was hooked.
  9. In college I took media studies and one of the modules was marketing/advertising. My project was based on the marketing and advertising of the movie The Dark Knight and I got totally swept away with it.
  10. I was at school doing A-Level Chemistry and Physics and my best friend was at art college doing an Advertising & Graphics course. Naturally he was having lots more fun, so I jacked in school and joined him.