1. 438 was founded on 5th October 2005 – a Wednesday no less
  2. Our agency lives in Knutsford, chosen because it’s a small friendly town with a great community spirit – reflecting our values as a small independent agency
  3. An anagram of 438 Marketing seems pretty apt: A Freethinker, Outright Gem
  4. The 3 Founding members have Paul as first or middle name
  5. Louise is the most common middle name among the 438 girls
  6. Number one singles across the globe on our founding day:
    – UK: Push the button – Sugababes
    – US: Gold Digger Kanye West
    – Australia, Canada and Germany: Don’t Cha – Pussy Cat Dolls
  1. Tony Blair was Prime Minister in our founding year – the first of four in the last decade!
  2. 4 new hires came purely via recommendation – we trust the opinions of our team
  3. Our Knutsford office is an 18th Century listed building built in 1875
  4. The name 438 wasn’t thought of at 16.38 (or was it?)