Vape Is The New Smoke


Last week marked  the beginning of a 4-week regional campaign for one of our clients – VIP Electronic Cigarettes.

VIP – The UK’s No1 e-cig is the tastiest alternative to smoking tobacco. VIP e-cig is an attractive proposition for smokers who no longer want to smell or go outside in the cold. VIP also appeals to those who are concerned about the harm that tobacco cigarettes may be having on them.

The campaign makes a strong statement to smokers – the e-cig revolution is here to stay and vaping a VIP e-cig is more stylish than smoking tobacco. Using  iconic black & white images of fashion models vaping VIP e-cigs, the art direction reflects VIP’s position in the market as the e-cig for those with great taste.

Damian, our Creative Director commented,

We expect the campaign to stand out, advertising campaigns using images of people smoking have been taboo for years, however this is a new revolution, giving smokers a genuine alternative to smoking. We expect images of vaping e-cigs to become common place, so we wanted VIP to be first, which is rather fitting as they were the first e-cig brand to launch in the UK.

As the ‘Stoptober’ initiative continues to hit the headlines all over the country, the timely campaign will reach smokers across the North West.

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