Want to see something exciting?


You only have to spend a few moments in my company to learn that I Love MINI. People could argue that I’ve been caught hook, line and sinker and therefore can’t possibly be impartial… they’ve done something right then.

I would like to be able to say that one of the main reasons for pledging allegiance to this brand is down to the original Mini’s “swinging sixties London” heritage, and the current MINI’s UK production- I’d be fibbing. Although it makes me feel closer to the brand, it’s not the reason why.

The main reason is: EXCITEMENT!


Core to everything MINI do, worldwide, is excitement! If it isn’t exciting, it isn’t MINI. I like exciting things!

I have recently discovered that MINI France have crafted a campaign that taps into this exciting world of MINI. They’ve commissioned a variety of 10 liveried MINIs to drive around Paris acting as impromptu test drive opportunities. I’m sure if we’re honest with ourselves, this method is much easier, less pressurised and enjoyable than the rigmarole of organising a test drive at a dealership.

You can hop in one of these mobile MINI STOREs with an experienced sales representative and they will discuss as much or as little as you want to – even pricing.


Could we be looking at a piece of #workthatworks that may well revolutionise the retail experience?

I think so.