Where it all begins…


… Nope, I’m not getting all philosophical, but everything does start somewhere. How often do you hear the expression ‘put pen to paper’? Isn’t that the start of an idea being formed into something tangible?

With this in mind, Staedtler have cleverly composed an ad campaign entitled ‘Where it all begins’. They rely on a general awareness of proven #workthatworks and because of that, I think it makes them successful, engaging and memorable.

As you will see below, it is a really simple image of a traditional (probably HB) pencil with arguably the most revolutionary car ever design (Mini) moulded into the lead tip. How they have even done this blows my mind, but what a clever, yet simple idea – I bet even Alec Issigonis wouldn’t have thought of that.

They didn’t stop there either; running alongside this advert is another using exactly the same principle but applying it to (in my opinion) the most impressive piece of architecture in the world: la Sagrada Familia, situated in Barcelona. For anyone who hasn’t been, its sheer size and beauty are overwhelming it’s difficult to put its magnitude in words and even photographs don’t do it justice. I’m using my blog today, not only to congratulate Staedtler’s fantastic concept and creative advertising, but to pay homage to the genius that was Antoni Gaudi. He lives on by inspiring creativity in the world through his devotion to the project of la Sagrada Familia.

Gaudi’s vision and style is unlike no other architect. I think it would be fair to liken him to Tim Burton, of a different discipline and generation. Today would be his 160th Birthday and his beloved project of la Sagrada Familia is still in progress. Work is anticipated to be completed in 2026, but it is funded solely by tourism and private donations.

I have to tip my hat to a true pioneer of #workthatworks – inspiring people from his grave!

Happy Birthday Gaudi!