An All-New Future for the online conference

The Isuzu Dealer Conference and Awards is an annual fizz fuelled affair which usually takes place in an iconic UK city with 100’s of representatives from the Isuzu Dealer network. So when the global pandemic completely changed the direction of the usual celebrations we certainly had our work cut out.

Introducing All-New Future, a positive way of encapsulating not only all the changes caused by the pandemic, but also a step towards the future of Isuzu with the upcoming new model launch. Taking inspiration from films such as James Bond and Mission Impossible, combined with visual overlays and interactive graphics, presenters became “Secret Agents”, tactical finance offers became “top secret missions” and new accessories were “state of the art gadgets” as the dealer network were briefed on their latest mission.

With the support of our partners at Barrett’s Film, who animated the graphics in a style befitting of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, it certainly raised the bar in terms of what an online conference can be. Powerpoint presentations are great, but when merging high end production, striking visuals and willing presenters you truly can deliver something your staff and customers will remember.

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