Launching the All-New Isuzu D-Max

How do you launch a new pick-up and pre-sell trucks in the middle of a pandemic?

It helps when you have a great looking and highly capable product to start with, but couple that with a strong and compelling launch platform and you have a recipe for success.

“Driven To Do” speaks directly to the Isuzu target audience. It recognises their spirit and determination. They are the doers of this world. They are the ones who put in a long day of hard graft to get the job done. “Driven To Do” is also representative of the Isuzu brand’s commitment to continually setting new standards in pick-up design, capability and technology to produce trucks that doers can rely on every single day.

The highly successful pre-launch phase of the “Driven To Do” Campaign ran primarily across social and digital channels and generated huge levels of interest and anticipation amongst potential customers that has resulted in Isuzu achieving 30% of its first years sales target before the vehicle was even on the market! As the official launch rolls out, social and digital media will continue to play a major role, but more channels will be added to the mix as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, including mainstream media such as television, outdoor and press. 

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