CRI Campaign

Connected Risk Intelligence from Willis Towers Watson is the most sweeping innovation in risk management in decades. In layman’s terms, it means business can look at their whole risk (insurance) portfolio in one wide angled view and then with this insight, make informed decisions about potential savings and changes. This proposition is truly unique to Willis Towers Watson, so we were absolutely delighted to be working alongside them to bring ‘Connected Risk Intelligence’ to life.

438’s role in this exciting project was extensive – we created the brand proposition, endorsed brand identity and an integrated toolkit of launch materials for this global consultancy service, including a film, direct mail and sale collateral.

Step one was fully immersing ourselves into the world of risk strategy, in order that we could distill complex information into compelling, marketing messages. Then we could identify the proposition and begin a journey of concept development to arrive at a theme of ‘connection’ which comes to life in the materials below.

We’re delighted with the end result, but this is just the beginning of Connected Risk Intelligence. Next stop – ‘go to market’ planning…

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