Would You Keep It Hidden?


Refuge, a UK charity for women who have been domestically abused, has launched their new ‘Don’t Cover It Up’ campaign, urging victims to speak up and seek help.

Based on the fact that many women who suffer from domestic abuse are too frightened to seek help and chose instead to cover their wounds, BBH London enlisted Lauren Luke for their Public Service Announcement for Refuge, via her YouTube channel.

Lauren is a British makeup artist whose YouTube tutorials have been exceptionally successful with over 140 million views. Her channel boasts over 500,000 subscribers, predominantly teenage girls and young women – the exact demographic that Refuge wanted to reach. Pablo Marquez, the Creative Director at BBH described it as “the perfect medium.” This very cleverly placed PSA appears to be an ordinary makeup tutorial entitled ‘How to look your best the morning after,’ yet depicts the scene of a woman who has been violently abused.


The placement of this PSA is exemplary #workthatworks and the natural, un-staged setting serves as a hard hitting message of the harsh reality that “65% of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden.”

For further information on this campaign and what Refuge do, visit http://refuge.org.uk/lauren/