The change

A brand new global team was formed at ofi, a global leader in natural food ingredients. This dedicated team of experts goes beyond stats and facts to truly support colleagues in sales, marketing and innovation – turning data into meaningful insights to help shape everything from strategy and planning, to product innovation. The problem was, nobody knew it. But together with 438, they were able to change all that.

We helped ofi Insights carve out its identity within the business – enhancing visibility, describing its function, and building credibility in the process. We also supplied the team with their own self-serve toolkit for internal communications for quality and consistency going forward.

The 438 team have been our fearless leaders and challengers in creating a truly unique way we can bring our insights team and our insights learnings to our business. They challenged us to be greater, they pushed us to think big, they brought vision, strategy and attention to detail in equal measures and were true partners in this journey! What a team!

Laura Barber, Vice President global consumer and market insights


  • Ofi


  • Design
  • Editable PDFs
  • Email Templates
  • Films
  • Infographic templates
  • Intranet asset
  • Podcast
  • Powerpoint story
  • Powerpoint toolkit
  • Storytelling
  • Strategy

Additional Credits

  • Chainsaw
  • Jonathan Farber